Paula Bragg is co-founder of the Pathway Club, which is made up of a group of people who “desire to inspire“.  All products are inspirational and motivational.  They can brighten your day OR challenge your thinking and change your world.  In addition to the retail store, the team creates products that can be sold in BULK at very low prices for the purpose of helping organizations and non-profits raise awareness for their cause AND at the same time, raise funds to support it.

The Pathway Club 2017 campaign features BowWow & MeeYow and includes 12 other Pathway Pets.  The 2017 theme is: Promoting Happy and Healthy Animals.  The products include:  MemoPrints, NoteCards, FlatCards & PostCards.  (Original designs include: Birthday Buddies, Milestones & Memories, Quick Contacts, and more)